7 Rings of Marriage (DVD Leader Kit)


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From the engagement ring to years after the wedding ring, every season of a marriage requires renewed commitment, fresh perspective, and practical Biblical wisdom.  Each of the 7 “rings” outlined in this study will teach couples to view their marriage with the end in mind, ultimately leading to a lasting and fulfilling relationship in every stage of marriage.

Leader Kit Includes: 

  • One Bible study book with personal study segments to complete between 8 weeks of group sessions and leader helps to lead discussion within small groups.
  • 2 DVDs with elective teaching videos, approximately 15 minutes per session.


  1. Begin with the End (14:39)
  2. Engagement RING (16:49)
  3. Wedding RING (14:21)
  4. DiscoveRING (18:26)
  5. PerseveRING (17:33)
  6. RestoRING (17:19)
  7. ProspeRING (12:35)
  8. MentoRING (18:26)


  • Personal study segments to complete between group sessions.
  • 8-session study with 7 weeks of homework.
  • Interactive teaching video approximately 15 minutes each week.
  • Weekly date ideas and conversation starters to fuel connection with your spouse.
  • Leader material (guides to questions and discussion with small group).


  • Discover the covenant you made and live out your calling as a couple.
  • Invest in your relationship with your spouse while growing in your relationship with Christ.
  • Equip yourself to thrive in each new stage of marriage.
  • Dig deeper into Scripture and your marriage relationship.

Author Bio:

Jackie Bledsoe is a professional blogger, author, and speaker, but first and foremost a husband and father who encourages men to better lead and love their families.  He’s the author of The 7 Rings of Marriage book and Bible study, and with his wife, co-hosts “The 7 Rings of Marriage” Show, where they share practical marriage lessons and interview other couples who have lasting and fulfilling marriages.

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