50 Juiciest Bible Stories


By: Robb, Andrew


ISBN: 9781853459849

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Crop-destroying locusts, body-covering boils, countries doing the splits, ventriloquists, disappearing people, shipwrecks, wonder wives, scheming fathers, feuding families, and a Tip Top Tent…lots of unusual things happened in Bible times!

Writer and illustrator Andy Robb presents Bible stories to children ages 7 to 11 with a unique theme ? sharing 50 of the juiciest things that happened in the Bible ? including when Adam and Eve took just a teensy nibble of forbidden fruit, why Jacob had to do a runner only to become the victim of Laban’s dastardly deeds, why God lived in a tent, and some Bible’s Got Talent stories that took place before a Tough Time Talk that Jesus had with His listeners.

Each story illustrated with colorful cartoons ends with a cliff-hanger and a question, encouraging young readers to look up and discover the endings for themselves in the Bible.

A great Bible-based resource to spark kids’ enthusiasm and interest in digging deeper into God’s Word.