2 Samuel (Preaching the Word) [eBook]


By: Woodhouse, John

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ISBN: 9781433546167

Your Kingdom Come

King David stands as one of the most important figures of world history. From children’s storybooks to Michelangelo’s famous statue, ancient Israel’s most famous king is still remembered and recognized by people around the world three thousand years after he lived. Helping readers deepen their understanding of David’s tumultuous reign, John Woodhouse highlights David’s important role in salvation history—a history that began with Israel but now encompasses God’s plan for the whole world. Designed as a trustworthy resource for pastors who preach and teach on a regular basis, this commentary ultimately argues that David’s story is important because it lays the crucial foundation for the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, “the son of David.”

John Woodhouse (DPhil, Victoria University of Manchester) served as principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, from 2002 to 2013. Previously, he worked in pastoral ministry in a suburb of Sydney. He has published articles in various academic journals and is the author of two volumes in Crossway’s Preaching the Word commentary series.

“Dr. Woodhouse’s customary rigor with the text, combined with acute observation and wide-ranging Biblical and theological reflection, makes this commentary a must-have for any preacher of the book. The commentary does far more than explain the text, it feeds the soul. I could not recommend it more highly.”
William TaylorRector, St. Helen Bishopsgate, London; author, Understanding the Times and Partnership

“John Woodhouse’s commentaries on 1 and 2 Samuel are not written to gather dust on the shelf. They are the rare commentaries worthy of being read cover to cover and are destined to be thoroughly underlined and oft quoted. Again and again Woodhouse helps readers see through the shadows of King David into the rule and reign of his greater Son, King Jesus.”
Nancy Guthrie, Bible Teacher; author, Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series

“Dr. Woodhouse is one of my favorite interpreters of Scripture. He has an uncanny ability to so carefully read a text, that you will see things you never noticed, only then to wonder why you had not seen them before. He does justice to a text in its own historical and literary contexts, while showing how it resonates with the whole story of the Bible. Finally, he is a master of conceiving preaching trajectories from the Old Testament for the edification of the church. These features, and more, characterize this outstanding volume on 2 Samuel. With its guidance, pastors will read, learn, and preach the message of 2 Samuel with greater depth of insight to the glory of the greater Davidic King.”
Constantine R. Campbell, Associate Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“This book is the ideal commentary for a preacher. It summarizes wide and deep scholarship clearly and concisely, offers perceptive and persuasive judgments on matters of translation and interpretation, and contains thoughtful suggestions for hearing these narratives as a part of Christian Scripture fulfilled in great David’s greater Son. It is a marvelous resource.”
Christopher Ash, Director of the PT Cornhill Training Course, The Proclamation Trust; author, The Priority of Preaching

“Dr. Woodhouse’s masterly exposition of 2 Samuel takes us through the life and story of King David in a gripping way, setting David within the whole story of God’s salvation, which culminates in the news about Jesus Christ, ‘the Son of David’ and ultimate King. Woodhouse writes with clarity and warmth that will not only excite preachers of God’s Word, but also challenge and encourage others who love the Scriptures. Highly recommended.”
Peter T. O’Brien, Retired Vice-Principal and Emeritus Faculty Member, Moore Theological College, Australia

“John Woodhouse’s commentaries on 1 and 2 Samuel set a new benchmark for faithful, detailed engagement with the text of Scripture that warms the heart as it informs the mind. John explains each passage, not only in the context of the book but also in the grand sweep of Biblical theology, culminating in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Phillip D. Jensen, Dean, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

“This is not simply the best and sufficient commentary on 2 Samuel that explores every sentence in the light of the whole of Scripture, but is also a model of brilliant exposition for any preacher to adopt.”
Archie Poulos, Head of the Ministry Department and Director of the Centre for Ministry Development, Moore Theological College 






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