12 Things You Probably Didnt Knw abt Eas


By: Lepine, Bob



ISBN: 9781915705563

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The ideal, light-hearted book for showing a friend the true meaning of Easter


It pops up in a seemingly random Sunday each year.  The promise of candy and chocolate eggs makes it popular with kids, but it’s hardly in the same league as holidays like Christmas.

But perhaps it should be?

Here are 12 weird and wonderful facts, spanning all the way from its origins through to the present day, that show the enduring significance of Easter for Christians:

  1. The Easter Bunny was a little late to the party
  2. It took an emperor to pin down the date
  3. The pagan goddess Eoestre makes a brief appearance
  4. Eggs really do have significance, candy not so much…
  5. Making hot cross buns was once a criminal offence
  6. At least 18 laws were broken to condemn Jesus to death
  7. The Romans didn’t really want to kill Jesus
  8. Good Friday was the worst day in all history
  9. You can survive crucifixion, but Jesus didn’t
  10. Dead men do walk
  11. Easter is to die for – literally
  12. Jesus welcomes doubters