1 & 2 Timothy & Titus (NICNT) [HC]


By: Towner, Philip


ISBN: 9780802825131

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Synopsis This newest “NICNT” volume explores Paul’s three letters to Timothy and Titus within their historical, religious, and cultural settings. Significantly, Philip Towner treats these texts principally as communications from the apostle himself to his coworkers as they carried out assignments in the Pauline mission. Towner’s introduction sets out the rationale for this historical approach, questions certain assumptions of recent critical scholarship, and establishes the uniqueness and individuality of each letter. The commentary itself displays a wide array of fresh insights. In treating Paul’s concern with his opponents in Timothy, for example, Towner suggests that dangerous trends outside the church were also in Paul’s mind as he addressed the behavior of women who were active as teachers in the church. Centered on a superb translation of the Greek text and complemented with thorough footnotes, bibliographical citations, and indexes, this commentary will soon become a standard reference for busy pastors, students, and scholars.