1 & 2 Timothy (EP Study Commentary) [HC]


By: Barcley, William


ISBN: 0852345887

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Part of the EP Study Commentary series, reminding us that so many of the issues we face in the church today are those that Paul dealt with as he wrote to Timothy: women’s role, preaching, leadership, worship. Shows the importance of guarding the church’s life and health. The author admits to being driven, as he writes, by a passion for the church. The questions that are asked today, within the church, are not all that different from the questions the church wrestled with in the middle of the first century. And the good news is, Scripture has answers to these questions. In particular, the apostle Paul deals with these issues as he writes these two letters to his friend and co-worker, Timothy. He may not treat them as exhaustively as we might like. He may not give specific answers to all of our modern questions. But he gives us guidance in wrestling with many of the problems and struggles that face the church today. After all, these letters were written, along with Titus, with specific instructions regardings the priorities of the church.





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