Why Do You Believe That? (Workbook)


By: Sharp, Mary Jo

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ISBN: 9781415874158

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Why Do You Believe That? A Faith Conversation – How confident do you feel in talking about matters of faith? Do you wish you could express your beliefs with more effectiveness? Join Mary Jo in a practical seven-session study and gain understanding and skill to share Jesus effectively with others, and you’ll better understand your own faith. Answer your doubts, build your confidence, and start changing lives.

Features include:

  • Video-driven Bible study
  • A copy of the Member Book included in Leader Kit
  • 7 group video sessions approximately 25-30 minutes each
  • 6 weeks of personal Bible study

Participants who take this Bible Study will:

  • Become equipped to share their faith and defend their faith conversationally with friends and neighbors
  • Feel more confident in their faith and knowing what they believe
  • Feel comfortable representing Christ to someone who doesn’t believe
  • Take the mystery and fear out of sharing their faith
  • Gain education, build a firm foundation, and be practically equipped




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