Who Do You Say I Am?


By: Pike, Eric


ISBN: 9780981422497

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In every chapter Bishop Eric refers to the same question that Christ asked of his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” In doing so, he demonstrates that in each of the many and varied chapters of his life, he has discovered more about the God he has served so faithfully. The penultimate chapter of his book describes his experience of walking the great Camino with his wife Joyce. To some extent this walk was a parable of his life: in his life, as well as on the Camino, he has known pain and glory, not least in the way he shared in the agonising struggle of his homeland to free itself from apartheid. It was church leaders who found courage to stand up boldly for the poor and dispossessed. As on the Camino, Eric’s journey through life has caused him to share his days with many people, and enter deeply into their own pilgrimage. I am one of those who counts himself as being fortunate to have
known Eric. Though we live on different continents, I feel I have often walked alongside him, learning so much from his wisdom, courage and love for God. All who read this book, will also feel drawn into companionship with him, and with the God who walks so close with us – Michael Mitton, Anglican priest, writer, speaker and trainer, and the author of Restoring the Woven Cord (BRF 2010).

Eric Pike was born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, where he attended school, taught at Queen’s College, Queenstown, and was later ordained in the Anglican Church.
He retired as Bishop of Port Elizabeth in 2001 and then, having spent eleven years in Fish Hoek in the Western Cape, has returned with his wife Joyce to live in Port Elizabeth.
Together they are blessed to have a combined family of seven children
and sixteen grandchildren.