Where to Lord? (Booklet)


By: Payne & Roberts



ISBN: 1876326778

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Where to, Lord? is part of an exciting series of topical Bible studies. Using a mix of Bible investigation, group discussion and video input, Where to, Lord? will help your group interact with what God is saying about the thorny topic of guidance.

Guidance can be one of the most frustrating issues for Christians. We know that Jesus has died, and that heaven lies in the future, but still remain unsure about everything in between. We have many questions about guidance, such as:

  • Am I missing out on God’s personal guidance?
  • How does God guide his people today?
  • If God speaks, will I hear his voice?
  • How do I know God’s will for my life?

Perfect for a Bible study group looking for a refreshing change, the studies and DVD format are specifically designed to work together to enable any group to put together the pieces on this topic. This is an excellent new tool to help you tackle an age–old question.

Accompanying DVD required. The course video is also available for download on Vimeo.





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