Where Prayer Becomes Real


By: Strobel & Coe


ISBN: 9781540900777

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Over and over in the Bible, God heard and responded to the needs of women. Enjoy this expanded version of God Hears Her: 365 Devotions for Women by Women that features three designed verses to color each month, plus open spaces for more creative expression and lines for journaling throughout. The daily readings will remind you of God’s constant presence. And the art will encourage you to talk to God while He reassures you that He’s always listening.

Prayer isn’t a place for us to be good or right. It isn’t a place for us to perform or prove our worth. It’s a place for us to be honest, present, and known-a place for us to offer ourselves and receive God.

Spiritual formation experts Kyle Strobel and John Coe want to show you what you’ve been missing when it comes to prayer. In this down-to-earth and practical book, they show you how to:

  • Pray within the forgiveness Christ offers.
  • Pray as one beloved of God.
  • Pray as a way to open your heart to the truth of yourself.
  • Pray in a way that moves beyond clichis to discover where prayer becomes real.