What on Earth Can I Do?


By: Hay & Webb


ISBN: 9781935495109

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Volume 4 in Apologia’s What We Believe series, What on Earth Can I Do? helps children understand what it means to be a “good and faithful servant” of God through a discussion of the biblical worldview of stewardship.

Designed around a notebooking concept, instructions provide opportunities for students to think and ponder the questions given, as well as consider their own thoughts in the “Make a Note of It” section. Each lesson features an introduction to the main topic, learning objectives, a short story, thought-provoking questions, important vocabulary words, two Bible memory verses, interesting interdisciplinary topics, godly character traits that students should demonstrate as a response, prayer, discussion questions, and a story adapted from Jesus’ parables. Four lessons also end with the “House of Truth” memory aid visual model that builds upon lessons learned in the previous books; it can be drawn or built with building blocks.

Customize the schedule to your students’ level; most chapters can be covered in two weeks (for the entire course taking 4-8 months), and this study may be used independently or with a parent. A suggested lesson plan is included for guidance if desired. Books do not have to be used in order, though it is recommended. Ages 6-14; Reading Level Grades 5-6. NIV, NLT, NCV, KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, HCSB, CEV, and Amplified Bible Scripture verses are used. 293 pages, hardcover, indexed.

This textbook focuses on the questions:

  • Your Story or God’s Story?
  • Who Put You in Charge?
  • Will You be Found Faithful?
  • Where is your Treasure?
  • Where Does your Time Go?
  • Whose Life is it Anyway?
  • Why Isn’t it Easy Being Green?
  • What Will Happen When the Master Returns?