The Voice of Luke


By: McLaren, Brian


ISBN: 9780529123510

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Not Even Sandals

Remember when I sent you out with no money, no pack, not even sandals? Did you lack anything?  (Luke 22:35)

From the same writing team of The Dust Off Their Feet comes a fresh exploration of the life of Jesus with retelling of the timeless narrative found in The Gospel of Luke.  Not Even Sandals recovers the passion, grit, humour, and beauty have been lost in our translations of Luke.  This stands alone among narratives as a supernatural action-adventure.  Brian McLaren recaptures what was lost as he retells this spiritual adventure with power and grace to read like a screenplay. Brian, as only he can do, provides an overlay of historical and theological observations to enrich the story.  McLaren and Seay are two of the driving forces in the reinvigorate worship found in the newer churches.





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