A Visitor’s Guide to Hell

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By: Archer, Clint


ISBN: 9781454913658

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Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about Hell . . . but were too afraid to ask! In the realm of eternal damnation, what tortures will we find? How hot is it, really? And most important of all, how can we make sure that it’s not our final destination? Drawing on the Bible, as well as a host of other literary and religious sources, an expert on Scripture provides an illuminating look at Hell—from its occupants to its don’t-miss sites. Dr. Clint Archer offers a thought-provoking, learned, at-times-hilarious guide to a place that might be interesting to visit . . . but you wouldn’t want to live there!




1 review for A Visitor’s Guide to Hell

  1. Amanda Richards

    This book was excellent. Not only did it give you a biblical “tour” of hell but it included what we can expect in heaven too. It was very informative and encouraging (for believers) and included some light humour for such a heavy topic. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book.

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