Vertical Church


By: MacDonald, James


ISBN: 9781434704269

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Church is about God. God’s glory. God’s Son. God’s Word. God’s presence. End of discussion.

People come to church to meet with God, to worship God, to hear from God. And yes to experience God. God wants to be experienced, but we grieve His Spirit and push Him out of the church. The church His great Son founded.

When did it all become so horizontal? Why was God shown the door in the name of reaching people? God is reaching people. But not the way most think.

Vertical Church is about a total shift in our thinking. Vertical Church is where honoring God and adoring His Son and proclaiming His word and seeking His face are the focus. Vertical Church is about challenging people, inviting them to something harder, calling them to something deeper, something far better and more authentic. This landmark book by Dr James MacDonald is unlike any other book about the church. It’s a bold call to pastors, church leaders and motivated disciples to fully embrace the truth that the church is first and last about the glory of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

If you’ve been leaving church empty and frustrated you’re not alone –read what pastors are celebrating as they see their churches catch fire again: Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs For is what every church can be!