The Unmistakable Hand of God


By: Comrie, Roy


ISBN: 9781640794399

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When I speak about “unmistakable,” it references God, not us. We stand amazed at His mercy, forgiveness, and patience. We are utterly unworthy of any of His interventions in our lives.

My dear friend Jack says it best in his foreword to the book: “Turn these pages slowly and swallow these words carefully as you take in what God is still doing today. Roy’s story pulls you into the darkest corridors of pain and through the most impossible of barriers to witness what the Almighty does to change the heart of a man or a woman.” Jack continues, “What can you say when you encounter a Bible that survives a fire that reduces everything around it to ashes, a paralyzing black mamba bite that takes Roy to the brink of death, amoebic dysentery in a child hundreds of miles from medical care, the death of children in a vehicle accident—moments attributable only to the hand of God? It is the stuff of desperate prayer. Roy is always on duty, whether in a hospital with his own life-and-death drama, deep in a jungle faced with dark spiritual forces, or weaving back and forth on dirt roads mined to destroy. Without manipulation, he speaks straightforward truth and finds joy in each proclamation.”

The rape and murder of my sister Sheila triggered a series of events that continue to bring glory to God among the men and women murderers of Westville prison. Track with me the hidden hand of the One who alone can reverse impossibilities in my life and yours. We worship Him alone.