Understanding the Bible (Expanded Ed)


By: Stott, John

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ISBN: 9780310414315

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This book answers foundational questions: Who wrote the Bible? What is its message? Why is it thought to be a “holy” book? How does one read and interpret it? Best of all, though, you’ll broaden your vision of Jesus Christ, the focal point of Scripture. How? By better understanding the geographical, religious, and historical concerns that shaped the world in which he lived. You’ll see Jesus as never before: both as a man of his times and culture, and as the culmination of a divine providence that prepared the way for the ministry of the Messiah. Written by renowned preacher, writer, and apologist John Stott, this new, expanded edition includes – Questions at the beginning of each chapter to help you focus – New, up-to-date maps for the chapters on history and geography – An index to help you speedily access areas of interest.





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