Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar


By: Craig, Gould et al

ISBN: 9781433520624

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Evangelizing the academy is a unique and important task. This book revives a challenge regarding just how to do it.

In 1980, Dr. Charles Malik gave a memorable and poignant address at the dedication of the Billy Graham Center on the campus of Wheaton College. He presented a challenge in two tasks: save the soul and save the mind. Malik believed that in order to evangelize the academic world, evangelism must learn to speak at an academic level. He called people to raise their level of thinking and sharpen their minds to this end.

In this book several contributors seek to apply this message to our current context. It is a call to academics especially to integrate Christian faith with their disciplines and to be intellectual in their faith for the purpose of communicating at the level of their peers and students.





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