The Nature of Doctrine


By: Lindbeck & Marshall


ISBN: 9780664233358

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The Nature of Doctrine, originally published in 1984, is one of the most influential works of academic theology in the past fifty years. A true classic, this book sets forth the central tenets of a post liberal approach to theology, emphasizing a cultural-linguistic approach to religion and a rule theory of doctrine.

In addition to his account of the nature of religion, Lindbeck also addresses the relationship between Christianity and other religions, the resolution of historic doctrinal conflict among Christian communities, and the nature and task of theology itself. Lindbeck is often called the central architect of post liberal theology, which influenced many of the leading contemporary theologians of our day, including Stanley Hauerwas, Bruce Marshall, Bill Placher, Kathryn Tanner, Ron Thiemann, and Charles Wood.

This twenty-fifth anniversary edition includes a new afterword by the author, an introduction by contemporary theologian Bruce Marshall, an English translation of the foreword to the German edition, and a complete bibliography of Lindbeck’s work.