The Mystery of History (Vol 1)


By: Hobar, Linda


ISBN: 9781892427335

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The Mystery of History Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection, 3rd Edition is written from a Christian, young-earth, perspective, and teaches children to see God’s hand throughout history! Written in a conversational style, many lessons are presented in the form of mini-biographies, integrating fascinating stories with the events of the time. Covering creation to the resurrection, students will learn about famous biblical characters, ancient peoples, and well-known men such as Aesop, Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Emperor Asoka, Herodotus, Caesar, Hannibal, and Herod.

This is a stand-alone text, but there are numerous recommended resources that parents can choose from to use with it. Ideally, students start the week with a short “What Do You Know?” pretest found online, then read the lessons and complete the activities. After reading the three lessons for the week, it’s recommended that families set aside one day for review and geography (including memory cards or timeline figures). At the end of every other week, there are “what did you miss?” exercises and “what did you learn?” quizzes, at the end of every quarter there are “put it all together” worksheets , and at the end of each semester there is a semester test.

A download code to access a 500+ page digital Companion Guide is included on the inside front cover. This Digital Companion Guide includes pretests; activities for younger/middle/older students; timeline directions; mapping exercises; quizzes; literature suggestions; and more! (Code is for one family only and cannot be resold).

The 108 lessons will take a year to complete if you follow a traditional 36 week school year (3 lessons per week).

All Ages – 1st Grade through High School.

397 pages, hardcover. Non-consumable.

This 3rd edition features three improvements:

  • Now in hardcover for durability
  • More than 400 color images and maps with fact-filled captions are included
  • A download code to access a 500+ page digital Companion Guide