The Coming Prince


By: Anderson, Sir Robert

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ISBN: 9781508528494

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This is an old work that discusses Christ’s second coming. From the preface: “THE COMING PRINCE has been out of print for more than a year; for it seemed inadvisable to reissue it during the War. But the War has apparently created an increased interest in the prophecies of Daniel; and as this book is therefore in demand, it has been decided to publish a new edition without further delay. Not that these pages contain any sensational “Armageddon” theories. For “a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon” is situated neither in France nor in Flanders, but in Palestine; and the future of the land and people of the covenant will be a main issue in the great battle which is yet to be fought on that historic plain. Prophetic students are apt to become adherents of one or other of two rival schools of interpretation. The teaching of the “futurists” suggests that this Christian dispensation is altogether a blank in the Divine scheme of prophecy. And the “historicists” discredit Scripture by frittering away the meaning of plain words in order to find the fulfillment of them in history. Avoiding the errors of both these schools, this volume is written in the spirit of Lord Bacon’s dictum, that “Divine prophecies have springing and germinant accomplishment throughout many ages, though the height or fullness of them may belong to some one age.” And this world war is no doubt within the scope of prophecy, though it be not the fulfillment of any special Scripture. Very many years ago my attention was directed to a volume of sermons by a devout Jewish Rabbi of the London Synagogue, in which he sought to discredit the Christian interpretation of certain Messianic prophecies. And in dealing with Daniel 9., he accused Christian expositors of tampering, not only with chronology, but with Scripture, in their efforts to apply the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks to the Nazarene. My indignation at such a charge gave place to distress when the course of study to which it led me brought proof that it was by no means a baseless libel. My faith in the Book of Daniel, already disturbed by the German infidel crusade of “the Higher Criticism,” was thus further undermined. And I decided to take up the study of the subject with a fixed determination to accept without reserve not only the language of Scripture, but the standard dates of history as settled by our best modern chronologists. [ 1 ] The following is a brief summary of the results of my inquiry as regards the great prophecy of the “Seventy Weeks.” I began with the assumption, based on the perusal of many standard works, that the era in question had reference to the seventy years of the Captivity of Judah, and that it was to end with the Coming of Messiah. But I soon made the startling discovery that this was quite erroneous. For the Captivity lasted only sixty-two years; and the seventy weeks related to the wholly different judgment of the Desolations of Jerusalem. And further, the period “unto Messiah the Prince,” as Daniel 9:25 so plainly states, was not seventy weeks, but 7+62 weeks.”