The Art of Being Private


By: Madyara, Dephne


ISBN: 9798674423782

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Early 2019, I was pondering about what being private really means in my day to day life, the Holy Spirit immediately answered me with a vivid vision of what happens when I share my private life with others. He showed me people gathered in the living room, some sitting on the sofas, some standing and still some couldn’t even fit because the room was crowded as they all faced and looked at me; I was shocked! He said, “you have invited them all, they all come inside your house when you share your life”. From then on I understood that being private is not just about protection, like in the case of Elizabeth who hid herself for 5 months when she was pregnant with John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25), no, it’s also about wisdom and humility. I had to ask myself, am I prepared to invite everyone in my house concerning A, B or C? From then on, it was imperative for me to learn from Christ, the art of being Private. There are days I want to share my happiest private moments, my new breakthroughs, my plans & goals but then I remember, is it necessary, what is my motive, what is the purpose? Am I seeking man’s applause?The heart of this book is to show you the Truth that you may be set free if you struggle with being private and if you seek man’s applause as you hide behind the things you share with people. There’s a price to pay for your identity, for the anointing on your life, for your destiny, your blessings and your life purpose and calling. There are beautiful qualities and virtues that are confounded in the acts of being private. I pray that as you read this book and discover these qualities, the Holy Spirit of God will help and empower you to put to practice these qualities and wisdom shared in this book, in your day to day life, finding the inner peace and joy through Jesus Christ as you make those discoveries, steps and choices, Amen.