Summon’s Christian Miscellany [HC]


By: Summon, Parminder


ISBN: 978074595195174

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An Amusingly Informative Collection of Unexpected Facts, Curiosities, and Trivia

How big is a talent? What is the Adulterer’s Bible? What are the classes of angels? Who is the patron saint of the ugly?

The answers to these questions and dozens of others, both amusing and serious, can be found in Summon’s Christian Miscellany. Parminder Summon, a practicing Christian and an avid collector of trivia and curiosities, takes a lighthearted journey through Christian history and culture and discloses the funny, obscure, and sometimes bizarre things they never teach in Sunday school, including:

• Unusual patron saints, including guardians of serial killers and those accused of cannibalism
• The origin of Christian snake handlers
• The vision of the Christian Surfers of Australia
• Mini-biographies of Christian Nobel Prize winners
• A list of biblical weights and measurements and their modern-day conversions
• The Catholic prayer of exorcism
• The Lord’s Prayer in sixteen different languages
• The origins of popular Christmas carols
• The mission statement of the Christian Vegetarian Association
• Quotations from Woody Allen and other unlikely commentators on Christianity
• Summon’s own hilarious fifty-word summary of the Bible

Summon’s Christian Miscellany, this collection of “things you didn’t know you didn’t know,” is at once an addictive diversion and a fascinating compilation of intriguing, little-known facts.





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