Stepping Heavenward (Purple Bnd Lthr)


By: Prentiss, Elizabeth


ISBN: 9781616269852

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“How dreadfully old I am getting! Sixteen!”.  So begins ‘Stepping Heavenward’ by Elizabeth Prentiss, the journal-like account of a nineteenth century girl who learns, on the path to womanhood, that true happiness can be found in giving oneself for others.

This book was first published in 1869, and tells the story of Kate and her quest to live a better life. By watching her godly mother (with whom she becomes easily irritated at times), Kate learns about striving for excellence.  The author writes with a no-nonsense approach to Christian living and employs good humor, all the while leading the reader to ponder deeper, eternal matters. The diary of Kate reveals innocence coupled with an acute awareness of her naturally human tendencies to selfishness.  Readers will learn that small things really do matter, as Kate matures into a young woman with true depth of character. There is humor, seriousness, and some sadness as Kate progresses through the stages of life. But through it all, author Elizabeth Prentiss displays an astounding ability to put the struggles faced by all men and women who desire to live for Christ yet are confronted by their flawed humanity, into words.  Both Mothers and daughters will enjoy this book.