#Stay Woke Go Broke


By: Zille, Helen


ISBN: 9798727953457

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Each day, more South Africans are targeted, labelled, and hounded out of society for expressing their opinions – ordinary opinions that just a few years ago were accepted as rational common sense.

Have you been “cancelled” by an online mob that won’t stop harassing you until you’re fired from your job?

Helen Zille almost was – but she survived by fighting back.

In #StayWoke: Go Broke, the bestselling author and defining South African political figure explains why the woke Left constitutes a greater threat to South Africa’s future than the populist Right does.

Now more than ever, liberals must strengthen their spines and fight for their values – or be eviscerated in the Culture Wars raging across the English-speaking world.

If you’re looking for an incisive, indispensable survival guide through this tumultuous period of South African history, then #StayWoke: Go Broke is for you.