Spiritual Leadership (Sanders)


By: Sanders, Oswald

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ISBN: 9780802416704

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There are leaders, and then there are spiritual leaders. Which are you?With more than 1 million copies sold,this proven classic has been developing the highest-level of leadership for nearly fifty years.J. Oswald Sanders, a Christian leader for decades and the author of more than forty books, presents the key principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms. He illustrates those principles throughout with examples from godly figures like Moses, Nehemiah, the apostle Paul, David Livingstone, Charles Spurgeon, and others. Spiritual Leadership will teach you:The cost of leadership The responsibility of leadership Tests of leadership The qualities and criteria of leadership The art of reproducing leaders The one indispensable requirement of leadershipAnd moreThough leadership gifts come from God, their true effectiveness is only reached when they are used for God?s glory. This book will help you to frame your leadership as spiritual service.