Spelling Power (DVD)


By: Adams-Gordon, Beverly


ISBN: 9781888827132

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This 60-minute DVD-video seminar — The Basic Approach To Daily Spelling Lessons — presented by Spelling Power author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon, focuses on the basic approach to daily spelling sessions. You’ll be guided step-by-step through the these key aspects of the Adams-Gordon Spelling Power program as you watch real moms and children:brbr * Determine Readiness and Placement Levelbrbr * Test using the Flow-Word-Listsbrbr * Conduct Multi-Sensory Study Sessionsbrbr * Review and Re-teach Spelling Wordsbrbr * Record Individual Student Progressbrbr. This DVD Training Video works with either the 3rd Edition or the 10th Anniversary Edition of Spelling Power. It is included with the 4th Edition of Spelling Power.