So, You Want to be More Like Christ?


By: Swindoll, Charles


ISBN: 9780849913525

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Best-selling author and beloved Bible teacher Charles Swindoll says, “The secret lies in our returning to the basic disciplines of Christ. Religion won’t cut it! We live in a spiritual hothouse where we talk religious talk, send out religious letters, write religious pamphlets, and do religious Bible studies. It’s so easy to become religious instead of godly.”

The Bible says, we must “discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness.” You really want to be like Christ? Here are eight essential disciplines to get you there:

Intimacy: Deepening Our Lives
Simplicity: Uncluttering Our Minds
Silence and Solitude: Slowing Our Pace
Surrender: Releasing Our Grip
Prayer: Calling Out
Humility: Bowing Low
Self-Control: Holding Back
Sacrifice: Giving Over

In the process of developing these eight essential disciplines in your life, your relationship with Christ will flourish, and you will become more godly. They go hand in hand.