Searching for Adam


By: Mortenson, Terry


ISBN: 9780890519752

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You can believe with great intellectual integrity what the Bible says about Adam and the origin and history of man.

Though there are a growing number of books out on Adam, this one is unique in its multi-author combination of biblical, historical theological, scientific, archaeological and ethical arguments in support of believing in a literal Adam and the Fall. A growing number of professing evangelical leaders and scholars are doubting or denying a literal Adam and a literal Fall, which thereby undermines the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Last Adam, who came to undo the damaging consequences of Adam?s sin and restore us to a right relationship with our Creator. This book will increase your confidence in the truth of Genesis 1-11 and the gospel:

  • Enhance your understanding pertaining to the biblical evidence for taking Genesis as literal history
  • Discover the scientific evidence from genetics, fossils, and human anatomy for the Bible?s teaching about Adam
  • Understand the moral, spiritual, and gospel reasons why belief in a literal Adam and Fall are essential for Christian orthodoxy.