Saxon Math Algebra 2 (CD-Rom)


By: Shormann, David


ISBN: 700261268460

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Boost your students understanding of Saxon Math with DIVE’s easy-to-understand lectures! Each lesson in Saxon Math’s textbook is taught step-by-step on a digital whiteboard, averaging about 10-15 minutes in length; and because each lesson is stored separately, you can easily move about from lesson-to-lesson as well as maneuver within the lesson you’re watching. After the lesson, students complete the 30-question Problem Set in the Saxon text; a few problems in the set come from the new concept, however most review previous lessons. Each problem is cross-referenced back to the lesson where it was taught, allowing students to quickly review any concept.Taught from a Christian worldview, Dr. David Shormann also provides a weekly syllabus to help students stay on track with the lessons. DIVE teaches the same concepts as Saxon, but does not use the problems given in the text; it cannot be used as a solutions guide.

Algebra 2 covers traditional second year algebra topics as well as a semester of geometry, real world problems, linear and nonlinear equations, statistics and probability, graphing and basic trigonometry. This DIVE CD can be used with Saxon Algebra 2’s 2nd and 3rd Editions; the CLEP Professor College Algebra CLEP Exam prep course is also included.

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