The Satisfied Soul [HC]


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Every day, the world takes another step away from God?s truth and into greater moral and spiritual relativism. If your view of life is fed by a steady diet of television news and popular opinion, you?ll find yourself starved, parched, and confused.

But there is a way for your soul to be satisfied and at peace during these turbulent times. The answer is to turn those hungers, questions, and desires towards God.

These meditations offer a daily serving of God?s Word along with practical insights from beloved pastor and author John Piper. Each reading reorients you to the eternal rather than the popular.  In a world where ephemeral feelings are valued more than firm facts and eternal joys, each selection will awaken you to the truth of who God is?and who you are.

These 120 devotional readings celebrate God?s sovereignty in every aspect of our world, from how to feed our soul, the danger of hero worship, and loving our enemies, to suffering, having a passion for purity, and ways we can be a refuge for our children. This collection offers a daily feast of truth and wisdom that places God right where He belongs?at the center of our lives.

These meditations originally appeared in John Piper?s Pierced by the Word, Life as a Vapor, and A Godward Heart.