Sacred Songs and Solos


By: Sankey, Ira

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ISBN: 9781330154731

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The Sweet Singer of Methodism and a denizen of the Gospel Hall of Fame. Ira Sankey died with Gospel on his lips, having abandoned his sensible career for a life dedicated to God and surrounded by music. That enthusiasm is transmitted via the page and the colorful, emotively drenched lyrics to the reader. With the love of God in their mouths, Sankey hoped that the world would also take it into their hearts. The jury remains out on his main objective but what is certain is that Ira himself went straight to the heart of Gospel music.

This broad anthology of Christian devotional music and hymns is a pleasure to read and to vocalise, if you so choose. Not only will it spark old and beloved memories but it will bring you new, dramatic, emotional material to add to your personal repertoire. Allow yourself to be wrapped in your favourite Christmas carol or submerse and enjoy the catharsis of a rousing piece on religious sorrow and divine retribution.

Those with an interest in theological matters, the historical development of devotional music, hobbyists and those seeking an accessible medium for communicating all aspects of the Christian faith will be well served by this volume. Not only will you find music and lyrics in Sacred Songs and Solos but you will also find references to the relevant biblical material, a synopsis of the development of gospel music and by inference the influence of Ira Sankey himself on the genre. The resources are first class and incredibly engaging.