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By: Kopp, Heather



ISBN: 9781590525364

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Can You Tell Me How to Get to Narnia?

You dont actually have to journey all the way to Narnia to find everything you need to know in one spot (though you might want to anyway)! Roar! A Christian Family Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia is a beautiful volume that unveils a fun-filled world based on intriguing Bible insights for every Narniac! Theres something for everyonefrom elementary aged children to their parents. Packed with fun activities, a Narniacs Creed, tips on speaking like a British schoolboy, games, trivia, and more, its built on solid teaching: chapter by chapter discussion guides, conversation starters for parents and kids, and Bible parallels that will surprise even the most studious Christian. Now you can get the most out of Narniaeven if you dont own a wardrobe!