Renew Your Worship


By: Webber, Robert

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ISBN: 1565632567

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We are living in a time when worship has become a distinct priority for the Christian community. For years the church has emphasized evangelism, teaching, fellowship, missions, and service while neglecting the very source of its power – worship.  Recently, however, many churches are experiencing a Spirit-led renewal in their understanding and practice of the praise and worship of God.

“Renew Your Worship” is a small-group course of study designed around thirteen easy-to-understand sessions:

  • Part One, “Why Sunday Worship?” introduces the idea of worship renewal, the definition and structure of worship, and the variety of worship styles.
  • Part Two, “What Does Worship Do?” studies four actions of worship: gathering, proclaiming the word, celebrating the feast, and sending out into the world.
  • Part Three, “Breaking through the Barriers of Passive Worship, ” looks at ways to ensure congregational participation in sessions on the psychology of worship, prayer, preaching, singing, and the planning of worship.




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