Reimagining Spiritual Formation


By: Pagitt, Doug


ISBN: 9780310256878

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Reimagining Spiritual Formation isnt about quick-fix methods or bulleted, how-to lists. And its certainly not a dry lecture about a heady theological topic.

Instead this book is about striving, about trying, about experimenting with the idea that the old ways of approaching spiritual formation may not be the only avenues toward living lives in harmony with God in our day.

Inside these pages youll spend a full week with Solomons Porcha holistic, missional, Christian community in Minneapolis, Minnesotaand get a front row seat at the gatherings, meetings, and meals. Along the way, youll also discover what spiritual formation looks like in a church community thats moves beyond education-based practices by including worship, physicality, dialogue, hospitality, belief, creativity, and service as means toward spiritual formation rather than mere appendices to it.

Specifically, youll glimpse into the lives of six people from Solomons Porch and track their growth through their journals as they wrestle with various approaches to spiritual development.

Reimagining Spiritual Formation is ideal for thinkers, pastors, church leaders, and anyone else seeking fresh ways of experiencing life with God.