The Raider’s Promise (Viking Quest Bk 5


By: Johnson, Lois


ISBN: 9780802431165

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It’s been three years since Briana O’Toole was captured by the Viking raiders. She has longed to return home to her family in Ireland, but she’s no longer the same person. Now, she finds herself excited to be on Mikkel’s ship Conquest, and to be part of the discovery of new lands. And now that Mikkel himself has become a Christian, he’s changed, too.

Bree, Devin, and Mikkel enter a new world with the explorer Leif Erikson. Their first task: build a shelter to survive the winter. But danger lurks from within–shadows on the horizon of a life where everyone needs the courage to win. Can Mikkel conquer his enemies and find new purpose for his life? Will he keep his promise to Bree and Devin to take them home to Ireland? Will he keep his pledge of honor–even if it means death? Recommended for ages 10 and up.