Psalms as Christian Worship


By: Waltke & Human

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ISBN: 9780802863744

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This commentary uniquely combines a verse-by-verse exposition of the Hebrew text of selected Psalms with a history of their interpretation in the Church from the time of the apostles to the present. / Bruce K. Waltke begins the collaboration by first skillfully establishing the meaning of the chosen psalms through careful exegesis in which each text is interpreted in light of its historical backgrounds, its literary form, and the poets rhetoric. James M. Houston then exposits each texts relevance in conjunction with the Churchs interpretation of it throughout her history. To further the accuracy of this interpretation, he commissioned fresh translations of numerous Latin and Middle English texts. / The authors purpose in creating this volume was not merely to produce a masterful commentary. Rather, they wished to aid in enriching the daily life of the contemporary Christian and to deepen the churchs community. Waltke and Houston here bring together the two voices of the Holy Spirit heard infallibly in Scripture and edifyingly in the Churchs response in a rare and illuminating combination.