The Pressure’s Off


By: Crabb, Larry

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ISBN: 9781578568451

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There are two basic approaches to life – two pathways. One creates pressure, the other provides freedom.

In the Old Way of life, as best-selling author, psychologist, and spiritual director Larry Crabb describes it, “you have decided that what you most want out of life is within your reach, and you are doing whatever you believe it takes to get it.

But in the New Way of life, “you have realized that what you most want is beyond your reach, and you are trusting God for the satisfaction you seek. You want Him. Nothing less, not even His blessings, will do.”

The Old Way – the way most Christians define life and pursue fulfillment – is fundamentally wrong and harmful. It leaves us tired, in bondage, and feeling distant from God.

But the New Way brings true freedom and refreshment as we tap into the power to draw closer to God in a personal way.