Prayer, Medicine & Miracles


By: Walker, Dave


ISBN: 9781978013681

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Dave Walker was an ambitious anesthesiologist, determined to be the best in his field. Yet it was only when he had an encounter with the living Christ and started praying with his patients, that he witnessed healing far beyond what medicine alone could provide. As you read, you will walk with him through his first encounter with a dead man, witness the drama of rescuing a young man stabbed in the heart, share his alarm and fervent prayer as the hands and feet of a young woman turn blue, then black while she battles septicemia. You will hear the praise of an exuberant crowd prayer walking through a prison, and feel the contemptuous scowl of a man in “solitary”. You will sit with him with men from a homeless shelter and hear their stories of how Jesus saves. You will share in the power of prayer to rescue a man in ICU from multiple organ failure and marvel at the work of God through a young woman condemned to die. In this gripping account of the intervention of a loving God who brings healing in the lives of those we pray for, you will find yourself encouraged, edified and challenged. Above all, you will see the hand of God moving through the power of prayer. This is a story to inspire believers and encourage doubters.