The Prayer Life


By: Murray, Andrew


ISBN: 9780883681022

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At a conference of ministers and elders it was learned that many spent only five or fifteen minutes a day in prayer. Discover the root cause of this lack of prayer in the church. Learn why a full prayer life does not require effort or struggle. Understand the power and promise of deliverance offered by Jesus. See the blessings and benefits of real prayer. Andrew Murray demonstrates his points with citations from the Bible and with real examples drawn from the lives of Jesus and Paul. He explains the importance of the Holy Spirit in prayer. Pastor Murray goes on to deliver practical hints to those who would lead a life of prayer. He shows how Bible-reading and prayer are both necessary, and how the Holy Spirit and the Cross are related. Finally, he issues a call to action. Andrew Murray was born in South Africa and educated in Aberdeen, Scotland. As well as pastoring churches, he preached in the United States and London and was active in the Keswick Conventions in England.





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