Paul, Theologian of God’s Apocalypse


By: De Boer, Marinus


ISBN: 9781532686801

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This collection of essays argues that Paul’s articulation of Christ and his saving work makes use of the categories and perspectives of ancient Jewish apocalyptic eschatology. Such eschatology is concerned with the expectation that God will finally and irrevocably put an end to the present order of reality (“this age”) and replace it with a new, transformed order of reality (“the age to come”). In Paul’s view, God has initiated this eschatological act of cosmic rectification in the person and work of Christ.

The essays included, two of them previously unpublished, investigate and illuminate various aspects of Paul’s christologically focused appropriation of ancient Jewish apocalyptic eschatology, particularly in his letters to the Galatians and the Romans. The collection begins with the author’s seminal essay on the two tracks of Jewish apocalyptic eschatology (forensic and cosmological) from 1989 and ends with an essay from 2016 containing the author’s retrospective restatement and elaboration of his views.