Pastors Under Pressure


By: Taylor, James


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ISBN: 9781903087671

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This book is a practical, Christ-centred guide for the modern pastor, addressing many problems such as discouragement, criticism, loneliness, dryness, failure and temptation and calling church leaders away from a pragmatic approach to ministry. New material in this edition includes Being a pastors wife, Retirement from the ministry.

About the Author:

‘Jim’ Taylor was a Baptist minister who served in Helensburgh, Ayr and Stirling. In 1971, his address to mark his presidency of The Baptist Union of Scotland was entitled The Ministry or the Abolition of the Laity—an appeal for all members of Christian congregations to participate in ministry. He was president of the Scottish Baptist College for a decade from 1986, chairman of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship Scottish committee, vice- chairman of the Strathcarron Hospice in its early years and chairman of the Longhorsley Convention in Northumberland.In retirement he kept active, working as a locum for two periods of time at Moffat Bible College in Kenya. He and his wife, Helen, developed a particular concern for other retired ministers and their spouses and formed the Retired Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship which continues to provide a valuable network of support and encouragement.