Our Precious Lives


By: Morris, Steve


ISBN: 9781788930796

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Why telling and hearing stories can save the church

An engaging look at how our life stories can enable us to tell the gospel in a way that connects effectively with people.
Jesus was the master storyteller, powerfully relating accessible stories to convey the good news, and Steve Morris calls us to reclaim the art of storytelling in the church today.
In a world of increasing social fragmentation and loneliness, this book demonstrates how listening to others can be transformational in creating a sense of belonging. Inspiring stories are grounded by practical ideas to put storytelling at the heart of the church, and questions in each chapter encourage us all to glimpse more of God, revel in our uniqueness and realize that we all have something valuable to offer as his followers.
Underpinned by practical pastoral experience, this is a book full of quirky and unexpected life stories that open us up afresh to the beauty of life and our God.

Content Benefits:

This book encourages us to start to truly hear people’s stories, begin to feel wonder at life and the way God is at work, and enable those telling their stories to start to feel a sense of belonging.

  • Helps show how we can all tackle the rise of loneliness in our communities
  • Reminds us how Jesus communicated his message through storytelling
  • Offers a new way to share our faith as people initially connect with stories rather than propositional truth
  • Taps into the sense of belonging and the need to find our tribe
  • Explores Memory Cafes and their role in helping those with Dementia
  • Written in an engaging, anecdotal style that is accessible to all
  • Ideal for church leaders, small group leaders, evangelists, preachers, those in pastoral ministry
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to connect more effectively with others and value them and their lives
  • Ideal for anyone wanting to create a more welcoming space in their churches