Open Heart, Open Home


By: Cleave, Derek

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ISBN: 190308704X

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For Christians, there is no better way to use our energy and resources than setting aside our homes for God’s purposes. Opening our homes is a first step to sharing our faith with neighbours, friends and work colleagues who are reluctant, initially at least, to attend a church-based event. An excellent and practical guide.

About the Author:

Born and brought up in Bristol, Derek Cleave trained at the London Bible College before entering the ministry in 1968 with the National Young Life Campaign. In 1971 he joined the Movement for World Evangelisation. In 1980 he co-founded Christian Ministries with Peter Anderson and John Blanchard – a work that has taken him not only throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, but also to India and the United States. He is married to Margaret and they live in Bristol.





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