One in a Million (DVD)


By: Shirer, Priscilla


ISBN: 634337117010

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One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land – DVD Set by Priscilla Shirer helps a leader facilitate this women’s Bible study. Priscilla encourages participants to fully engage in the abundant life God has waiting for those who will allow Him to take the lead in daily living. One in a Million is an opportunity for you to experience your deliverance from strongholds, to conquer your wilderness living, and to claim your God-given inheritance.

DVD Set includes:

  • Two DVDs with 7 teaching sessions plus bonus material
  • Contains subtitles for the hearing impaired

Session Run Times:

  • Session 1: 36:41
  • Session 2: 29:40
  • Session 3: 49:21
  • Session 4: 49:50
  • Session 5: 40:35
  • Session 6: 40:34
  • Session 7: 7:31


  • Scriptural study will empower women to know why they can believe in God’s promises.
  • Participants will be encouraged to overcome their discouragement as they gain support and accountability from other women on the same journey.
  • Your group or church will increase its outreach to women and potentially gain new believers in the process.




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