Official Bible Brilliant Trivia Book, Th


By: Parker, Timothy


ISBN: 9780800727062

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The Most Comprehensive Bible Trivia Book Ever 

What Old Testament character’s name means “laughter”?
How many days did the Passover last?
What did David take to his brothers who were fighting the Philistines?
Who plotted the execution of John the Baptist?
What was Paul’s secret for being content?

The answers to these and thousands more questions can be found in The Official Bible Brilliant Trivia Book. Created by a Guinness World Records Puzzle Master, this is the largest collection of organized Bible trivia ever published. Along with more than 6,000 challenging trivia questions, you’ll find these entertaining bonus materials:

· the 60 most difficult Bible trivia questions of all time
· fun facts
· crosswords
· word challenges
· and a self-scoring system so you can see how you measure up

This incredible collection of trivia guarantees hours of fun for all ages!