NIV Discovery Study Bible (HC)


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ISBN: 9780310927150

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A fresh, inductive approach to studying Gods Word
8 study courses ideal for church school or small groups
150 Study Centers deepen your knowledge and broaden your perspective
Self-containedall study resources included

This unique, self-directed study format will give you a commanding overview of the entire Bible.

The Discovery Bibles unique system of 150 Study Centers will guide you on self-directed studies that reveal both the details and broad panorama of Scripture. No more scrutinizing the landmarks while missing the big picture. Here, youll gain a mastery of both in a guided journey that helps you explore the books of the Bible in depth while deepening your understanding of their interconnection.

This fresh, engaging approach gives you the direction and tools you need to do your own studying and cultivate a sweeping grasp of Gods Word. The puzzling and even scandalous acts of the patriarchs, the bloody clashes between Israel and its enemies, the miracles and teachings of Jesus, the startling imagery of Revelation . . . if youve longed to put all the Bibles puzzle pieces together to see how they create one compelling image, then this is the study Bible for you.

Includes free downloadable leaders guide.

Includes the full text of the New International Version, todays most read, most trusted Bible translation

8 Built-in Bible Study Courses provide an overarching guide in exploring major Bible sections.

150 Study Centers break down the courses for easy study, allowing you to grasp the meaning and implications of specific Scripture passages.

Key Words spotlight significant Bible terms in each passage, keyed to a glossary in the back that gives a words particular meaning in a given passage.

Over 750 Culture Clues provide insights into Bible times that make the text more meaningful to modern readers.

Over 75 Landmarks explain the significance of important Bible characters and events, and define vital doctrines.

Nearly 200 Closer Look sidebars clarify hard-to-understand passages.

Repeated Themes trace the development of important biblical themes through a chain reference feature.

Self Tests for each Study Center assignment strengthen your mastery of the passages studied.

Free Downloadable Leaders Guide accessible via the Internet is ideal for Church School teachers and small group leaders. (

Book by book, story by story, character by character . . . gain a command of the entire Bible that lets you see how all of its parts combine in one grand, life-changing narrative.

Look at the Bible as a journey through a fascinating, constantly changing landscape. You want to stop and explore all the landmarks in detail in order to better understand and appreciate them. Yet you also want the big picture of how they connect to form something vast and beautiful. The Discovery Bible helps you do both. It lets you zoom in close on each book of the Bible, and it also pulls you back for an overarching perspective that helps you grasp how everythingall the stories, characters, teachings, and eventsfit together to communicate the great, breathtaking message of Gods love.

Through its unique system of 8 built-in Bible study courses and 150 Study Centers, The Discovery Bible takes you far beyond focusing on select biblical themes. This guided approach lets you study the entire Bible for yourself in a way that helps you understand the richness, unity, and heartbeat of Gods Word.

The New International Version (NIV) is todays most read, most trusted English Bible translation. Since its release in 1973, the NIV has sold over 160 million copies. The goal of the NIV translation team was to produce a contemporary translation whose accuracy, clarity and literary quality would make it ideal for public and private reading, teaching, preaching, memorizing and liturgical use. Today the NIV is accepted by more denominations than any other translation and is supported by a library of reference resources unmatched by any other translation.

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