The Money Mentor


By: Carter, Ash

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ISBN: 9781844744909

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Getting To Grips With Your Finances

“If only I could manage my money better.”

Ash Carter author looks at the nuts and bolts of our daily financial decisions and shows us how such decisions can best serve God’s greater purposes.  You will find a godly yet simple model of Christian money management that you can adapt for your own purposes, an accessible, step-by-step guide to establishing good practices.

“The Money Mentor was born out of a passionate desire to see every Christian living for God in the area of money,” says Ash.  “Whether we have lots of money or lots of debt, this book will help us to honour God, the ultimate Money Mentor, with the money he has given us. We will experience true freedom as we live in God’s world, God’s way.  It’s called taking the very long view.”





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