The Mommy Diaries


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Parenting is not for sissies. And with today’s kids facing challenges such as social media and the internet, in a complex social landscape where issues such as race, poverty and privilege are forever at the forefront, most moms and dads find themselves parenting in unchartered territory.

Working mom and blogger Kona Brown realised that it was in the car and around the dinner table that her kids would share with her much of what they were facing. And that is how The Mommy Diaries came to be. Kona wanted to intentionally engage and hopefully equip their kids around issues of the heart, issues of faith and issues in their world.
As an intentionally value based and biblically response to issues and events in the world and social and emotion challenges todays parents and kids face, The Mommy Diaries focusses on equipping parents to develop in their kids a firm a foundation of the kind of faith and values that might nowadays be considered rare, such as integrity, courage, kindness, resilience, gratitude and more.