Misquoting Truth


By: Jones, Timothy Paul


ISBN: 9780830834471

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One of the problems of living in a non-discerning culture is the fact that everything gets put on the same level. Christian books share the same ‘Religion’ shelf with anti-Christian and cultic material. Such is the situation where books like Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus can gain a foothold and credence with readers. Published by a popular secular publishing house, Ehrman gets no true peer review for his writings.

Strangely enough, Timothy Paul Jones’ welcomes this, and his book, although a thorough and deep refutation of Ehrman’s faulty logic and conclusions, rather takes the tack of lauding Ehrman for creating something that encourages ordinary people to think about faith in critical ways. Jones seeks to give individuals the rest of the story Ehrman started to tell.

Adequately countering the criticisms Ehrman levels at Christianity in his books, Misquoting Truth goes back to the faulty premises, dismantles them and rebuilds them with fact rather than speculation, then supports the historical faith with humor, warmth and solid analytical investigation.