Love, Honor and Virtue


By: Young, Hal & Melanie

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ISBN: 9781938554124

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The battlefield is different than we remember.

The changes in technology and culture have put an entirely new face on the fight for moral purity. Temptation is nothing new, but where our generation had to avoid traps, our children are being actively hunted. Our sons are being exposed and ensnared by things that didn?t exist when they were born, and the conversations we had at 15 and 16 are necessary for 10 and 11 ? and earlier ? today.

If they want to walk in integrity, they have a fight on their hands!

Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining A Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality is written to and for teens and twenty-something guys. It?s short, concise, and very direct. It gives a Biblical perspective to help:

Understand God?s design, from biology to morality
Prepare to fight temptation
Find hope for recovery if they stumble
Learn how to have healthy, Christ-honoring relationships with girls

In a world where sin comes looking for you, and the red light district rides in your shirt pocket, you need help engaging the fight as it actually is!